Cat Tattoo: Picking the Purrfect Style

Thea Duskin Cat Tattoo

As the popularity of tattoos strengthens in mainstream culture, the art and subject matter used in tattoos also expands and evolves. Today you’ll see tattoos you absolutely wouldn’t have seen 20 years ago. One of these increasingly popular tattoos is the cat tattoo. Perhaps even more interesting is the variation on the theme. A simple […]

Yokai: Unique Japanese Tattoos

Yokai Japanese tattoos

Japanese tattoos are extremely common. While they are often beautiful tattoos that incorporate a complex mythological history and often use vibrant, eye-catching colors, the themes and elements of Japanese tattoos are often quite similar. Many people who wear Japanese style tattoos have designs that highly resemble the designs of others. Designs within the Japanese tattoo […]

The Cloud Tattoo: More than One Way to Paint the Sky

Cloud Tattoo Matt Brotka Richmond, VA

A cloud tattoo comes in many forms. Some people prefer realistic clouds, while others want something closer to what you might see in traditional tattoo designs. You can get surreal designs as well. There’s really no limit. There are, however, some standards, history, and meanings that should be taken into account when thinking about your […]

Whoa! What Happened to

Sorry folks. Our sincerest apologies for the mess. We’ve been operating for a while now with a website that is rather difficult to see on mobile devices and we really wanted to fix that. We aren’t web designers, so the process is taking longer than we’d like and in the meantime it looks kind of […]